Immunovo B.V.

PEPA10/RFASE Immunebooster


Safe And Effective Adjuvants: The Missing Link

In addition to synthetic peptide technology, the immune response against relatively weak ‘self’ antigens requires maximization to obtain the desired effect in all individuals treated. In general this requires the application of an extra aid, an immunestimulant or adjuvant. An adjuvant improves the immune system’s susceptibility to the trigger of the antigen because it facilitates delivery, recognition and consequent processing of the antigen.

Immunovo has extensive experience with respect to immunestimulant technology and this has led to development of a novel and proprietary family of TLR-4 agonists called PEPA10. The PEPA10 family members stand out in comparison to the regular TLR4 agonists available today due to being a synthetic, well defined and characterized chemical entity in a well designed formulation. Compared with benchmarks this adjuvant proves to be very effective and is virtually devoid of the classical side-effects commonly associated with the use of TLR4 agonists.


  • Date April 4, 2015
  • Tags Product
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